Prayer and Intercession Ministry

The Prayer Ministry if a very important pillar in the establishment and growth of Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide. That of Region F is not going to be an exception. Each Parish int he region will establish a prayer forum or link or will be meeting regularly to pray for the success and growth of each individual.

One of the common theories in the midst of human race is: Why should we pray if God knows everything about us? We always forget that even as an earthly parent, despite the fact that we know our children to the extent that we know them, we always wants them to ask for what they need before we make the offer for them. And as simple as the issue of asking for what you want may be, it is not an easy task as it looks.

The mission of this prayer group or ministry is to help individuals, families and organizations including Churches grow in their understanding and experience of prayer.

We will use various means to achieve and fulfill the mission authorized in Galatians 6:2 – “Bear one another’s burdens, and in  this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” And this includes: physical one-on-one prayer sessions-where one, three or seven elders offered prayer of deliverance for concerned individual or groups as the spirit directs; telephone medium– where the individual concerned is supported in prayer while on phone), and mailing system ( where letters of prayer needs are collected and prayer is offered on them without the owner is present) to intercede frequently. Social environment that we will create will be unavoidable platform for all and sundries to be blessed in the prayer services to mankind.

If you are interested in becoming a vessel for the Lord, please summit your contact details and the moderator will surely get in touch with you.
Also, the Region is still planting Churches in the seven States in our area, if you are available to start a prayer meeting, please get in touch with us and all the resources will be mobilized for the growth in your location

Send all your request to The Head of the Region


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