95. There is an Order of Service laid down in the Celestial Church of Christ for different occasions such as Marriage, Funeral, Mass in remembrance of the Dead, etc. The order for the respective occasion is strictly as revealed by the Holy Spirit and is set out in the booklet titled “Order of Service” obtained from the Supreme Headquarters in Porto Novo, the Nigeria Diocesan Headquarters, Makoko, Lagos and indeed from many parishes all over the country.

96. The Order of Service, as revealed, contains certain Holy Names which usually precede reading from the books of Psalms. The meaning of some of these Holy Names are given as follows:-

Eh-Yibah Oluwa Alanu

Eli-Yah Oluwa Olorun

Eli – Bamah – Yabah Oluwa -Omo Emi – Michael

Agashadual Qba Olusegun

Jehovah Jecho – Hirami Oba Olubukun

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