Miracle behind Registration

Miracle behind Registration: It is noteworthy to relate the circumstances of the registration of the Church. The application for the registration under the relevant ordinance was forwarded to the Government in 1958 (during the colonial era). Initially, the Government was not disposed to grant the application presumably because no spiritual Church of African origin had up to then been registered.

Churches in Nigeria accorded official recognition at that time were those which had their origins in Europe or America.

On being told of the reluctance of the authorities, the Pastor remarked that there was no cause for anxiety because He who owned the Church (i.e. our Lord Jesus Christ) would reveal Himself to the official concerned. A few days later, the Pastor asked the late LEADER OWOAJE to check on the application. When he got there, he had a pleasant surprise in that the Certificate of Registration, signed and sealed, had been waiting for him for a few days. He was also informed that the then Governor-General Sir James Robertson, had related that, in his dream, a tall white man with long hair parted in the middle and robed in white, appeared to him and instructed him to sign the certificate of registration of Celestial Church of Christ because the Church was His. The following morning he signed the certificate. This was the miracle of the registration.


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