Injunctions for Monthly (New Moon) Watchnight service

Injunctions for Monthly Watchnight Service

88. During a service in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ’s prayer at Gethsemane shortly before his death, we were told that the following song, which came again through MAWUNYION, was the song which our Lord actually sang Kneeling and with forehead touching the ground at Gethsemane when he besought his disciples to watch while he prayed (in the song, he seeks to draw them into his prayer of worship of the Lord God unaware that they has fallen asleep):

‘Yah Gol Lah Mari Yah Nga Rih Yeh

Ya Gol Lah Mari Yeh’

Translated immediately (Yoruba)

‘e foribale fun Oba Oluwa Mo foribale fun’

meaning in English: Bow ye before the Lord God

I bow myself before him’.’

That was Jesus speaking. This was the only song Jesus-sang in the Garden of Gethsemane that night. As he sang and prayed intently, he sweated so much that the drops of sweat began to fall from his body like blood and a voice answered our Lord Jesus on that occasion thus ‘I have, glorified you on earth and in Heaven’. We sing this song in Celestial Church of Christ during the monthly watch night services (on the first Thursday night/Friday morning of each month) in remembrance of the occasion and also during Easter at the watch night service of Holy Communion on Holy Thursday/Good Friday

” Another song used on the same occasion and which came at another time was:

Hi Ram Jah Mah

Jari Barn

Hi Ram Jah Mah

Translated immediately (Yoruba) so that we can understand the song we are being taught:

, Emi Mimo

Adaba Orun

E sokale wa’.

Historical Reflection

89. “It is interesting to note that, although my father firmly believed that my birth was in answer to his prayers referred to above, none of us (including my father) had any inkling whatever that the nature of service to God to which I would be called would be such a very important one. In hindsight, the nearest my father came to predicting this important future was on his death bed when he called me and prayed thus (in Yoruba):

‘ Wa joko ninu owo,

Wa joko ninu omo,

Enia ni yio ma sin o’.

Meaning in English,

You will be established in money,

You will be established in children,

Men will serve you’.

It later proved not merely a prayer but a prophecy because at that particular time, I had not had an issue’.

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