Injunctions: About Ringing the Bell to Worship

Injunctions. About Ringing the Bell to Worship

85. “This came through me seven years after the birth of the Church. You will remember., Supreme Evangelist Bada, that when 1 related this incident to the congregation at Makoko, I held a Bible in my hand as witness. I was in a trance and saw in space a house without solid walls or roof, but a house nonetheless. Some were on the upper floor and we were on the lower floor, both floors not being solid but suspended in space and real nonetheless. As a bell ring three times, both those on the upper floor and we on the lower floor knelt down touching our forehead to the floor and said in Yoruba

‘Mimo, mimo, mimo si Oluwa awon omo ogun’

meaning (in English)

‘Holy, Holy, Holy to the Lord God of Hosts’.

The bell ringing three times and our response was done three times. It was after this that we started the service in my trance. This is how it formed part of our service of worship in Celestial Church of Christ.

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