Injunction to found a new Church

Injunction to Found a New Church

77. “During the first week in October,1947 and on the fifth day after I received the DIVINE ORDER on September 29, 1947, we were gathered together early in the morning when word came to me (I regularly heard voices and still do) that the DIVINE COMMISSION I was given was to found a new Church and that I should start it right there in my house. The first song given to us was (in Yoruba).

Enyin ara ‘nu Kristi d:s:s:m:l:s:-

E gbe orin soke d:m:s:-f:m:r.-..

Ke e si gbo ohun ti d:s:-ml:s:-d:

Jehovah n’so m:s:-f:m:r:-:-

Ere di re te fi wa s: d: d: t: 1: s: s:

Ninu Ijo Mimo yi? m:m:f:m:r:f:m:-:-

Ere di re t’e fl wa s: d: d: t: 1: s: s:

Ninu egbe nla yi? m:m:f:m:r:f:m:-:-

Ki Maria lya wa s:d:d:t:l:s:-

Le e wa a sin wa lo m:s:f:m:r:f:m:-:-

K’Eni mimo rere yi s:d:-t:l:s:-m:s:

Wa ma sin wa lo f:m:r:r:d:-:-

We all sang this song together early that morning.

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