This is in commemoration of the appearance of Holy Mary to the Pastor on the 15th day of July 1977.

The significance of Holy Mary to the Celestial faith can be traced to the earliest days of the Celestial Church of Christ; for the very first spiritual hymn that was given to the Church through one of the early prophetesses of the Church (WOLISATA) was the hymn which reads thus

(Hymn No. 762 CCC Hymn Book):

“Enyin ara ‘nu Krist (1: s: s: m: 1: s: –

E gbe orin soke d:m-s:-f:m:r:-:-

K’ e si gbo ohun ti d:s:-m:l:s:-d:

Jehovah nso m:s:-f:m:r:-.-

Ere di re te fi wa s:d:d:t:l:s:s

Ninu Ijo Mimo yi? iii:m:f:m:r:f:m:-:-

Ere di re t’e fi wa s:d:d:t:l:s:s:

Ninu egbe nla yi? m:m:f:m:r:f:m:-:-

Ki Maria iya wa s:d:d:t:l:s:-

Le e wa sin wa lo M:s:f:m:r:f:m:-:-

K’Eni Mimo rere yi s:d:-t:l:s:-m:s:

Wa ma sin wa lo’.’ f:til:r:r:d:-:-

Significantly, thirty years later, on 15th day of July 1977, the Pastor, in a trance, saw himself climbing a number of steps until he got to a plane full of fallen leaves and sighted a fair white lady clad from top to toe in blue apparel and standing in a posture as if shielding something away from him.

Then the Pastor found himself descending steps until he sighted a Church from which a Reverend Father emerged and bowed in homage to him repeatedly. Then the Pastor found himself ascending again back to the spot where he earlier saw tile fair lady. This time, the fair lady opened up to show that what she was shielding away earlier was a baby having a crown on His head and she said, pointing to the baby:

“Jesu yi,

Emi Mimo ni,

Okan mimo ni,

Oba iye ni,

Eni ba fe sin gbodo tona to mo rekete”

meaning in English

“This is Jesus Christ,

He is Holy in Spirit,

He is Holy in Mind,

He is Life everlasting.

Tell people that those who would worship Him must

tread the path of spiritual cleanliness”.

At this juncture, the Pastor realised that the fair lady was Holy Mary. She repeated the injunction in song thus:

“Jesu, Emi , mimo ni, d:-s:-:-:-d: iii:rn:m:r:-:-:-

Okan Mimo ni, r:d:m:M:r:-:-:-

Oba iye ni, r:r:d:d:r:-;-:-

Eni ba fe sin Jesu a m:s:s:s:r:ni:d:d:s:

tona to mo rekete”. s:r:r:d:d:d:-:-:

Continuing, she told the Pastor that he should remain undaunted by the colour of his skin because race is of no significance in things of the Spirit. She added:

“Okan mimo re la nwo ti a fi ngbe inu re.”

meaning: “It is because of your clean mind that we dwell in you”.

Almost exactly a year after the incident described above, the Pastor fell ill during which it was spiritually revealed (also in trance) that due recognition shall be accorded to Holy Mary in the Celestial Church of Christ by commemorating the above incident annually. In consequence, the Pastor declared first Friday of July every year as Holy Mary’s Day to be observed by full congregational Service throughout the Celestial Church of Christ all over the world. The first observance of Holy Mary’s Day took place on Friday 7th July, 1978.

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