Heavenly Song of Praise

Heavenly Song of Praise

79. “Mawunyon, my elder sister’s only child, was directed by the Holy Spirit from his father’s house about a mile away to my house. He arrived singing a song (in an unknown language) which we seem to have forgotten lately:

‘Yah rih gorimah s:l:d:d:d:-

Yah rih goriyeh S’I:m:m:m:-

Ngo yeh d:r:s:-:-:-

Yah rih yah’, r:m:d:-:-:-

at the same time translating it into Egun (a major language of the Republic of Benin).

‘Mi pa oku na

Won di pa emi

0 ji re lo

Ko soso’;

in Yoruba, ‘E yin OluWa

Enyin omo ogun


Na tide

Translated into English, it reads:

O Praise ye the Lord

All ye heavenly hosts

The great hour

Is at hand’.

He sang this song kneeling down.

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