Covenant with Christ

Covenant with Christ

78. ‘Later the same day, in the evening, while I was alone in an inner room of my father’s house, I heard a voice (I still regularly hear the same voice until now) telling me to go and bring a short strip of wood.

I went out and cut a short length of wood from the first tree I saw. Being a carpenter, I planed it neatly and brought it inside. I was then instructed by the voice to put it down somewhere as He Christ wished to make a covenant with me and I was going to be betrothed as a bride of Christ. I then saw a hand which indicated the sign of the cross. I was instructed to use the cut stem of a leaf (fetched from outside) and purple ink to make the sign of the cross in remembrance of Christ. I was told: “THIS IS THE SYMBOL OF THE COVENANT BETWEEN YOU AND ME”. I dipped my finger thrice into the ink we used and was then asked to pray for the most wonderful and unfathomable power of the Holy Spirit. I slept late that night because of visits from heavenly visitors talking to me.

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