Certificate of incorporation
Enactment of deed of Constitution of Celestial Church Of Christ
First Schedule- Executors of the Deed of Constitution
Second Schedule-
The Church
Divine Order
Foundation History
Divine Order
Open Air Meeting
Entry into Nigeria
Appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ
Supplement to Foundation History
Injunction to found a new Church
Covenant with Christ
Heavenly Song of Praise
Injunction about Holy Communion in the new Church
Injunctions about Candleholder
Injunctions about Pajaspa
Injunctions about call to Worship
Christ administration of Holy Communion to Pastor/Founder
Injunctions about ringing of the bell to worship
Injunctions about praises facing the four corners of the earth
Songs of entreaty for Gods power and Glory
Injunctions for Monthly (New Moon) Watchnight service
Historical Reflection
Registration of the Church
Particulars of Registration
Miracle behind registration
The Church under the absolute dictate of the Holy Spirit
Name of the Church
Tenets and Mode of worship
Mode of Worship
Order of Service

Announcement and Sermon

Holy Rites or Sacraments

Holy Communion
Annual Washing of Feet

Annual Convocation at Porto Novo at Christmas Eve
Annual Easter Congregation at Makoko
Annual Harvest Thanksgiving Service
Holy Mary’s Day
Church Literature
Solemnity of Church Services
Church structure
International Headquarters

The Pastor

Succession into the Office of Pastor

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