97. Announcement during Devotional Services shall be made by the Parish Secretary and shall be designed to bring to the notice of the congregation items of interest to the Church, forthcoming Church programmes, guidelines for the adherence to the Tenets of the Church and such items of announcement as may from time to time be ordered by the Pastor or from the Diocesan Headquarters.

98. Sermon during Worship shall be delivered by any Church elder so appointed by the Pastor’s Representative at the Parish for the occasion. The elder so appointed shall strictly observe the following guidelines.-

(a) The sermon shall be taken from the Bible texts appointed to be read for the day. Strict adherence to the text shall always be an overriding principle.

(b) Reference to Newspaper Publications, to items of political nature or items that have connection with Government Policy or items that may be construed as antagonising or derogatory to other religious organisations is forbidden.

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