Advisory and Counselling

The Advisory and Counseling Ministry plans and executes how to bring new members to the church and retaining them through several means as the Lord leads to ensure that become a redeemed christian and be delivered from the all shackles of satan.
The members works in conjunction with the Prayer and Evangelism ministry and play active role in the organization and implementation of any crusade or Seminar organized by the Church from time to time.
Counselors actually follows up on new converts and new comers and make them comfortable in their new found faith environment.
Further, any transition membership too should be moderated to ensure that their faith is in line with the teaching of Christ and easily integrated towards a proper functional group within the Church. Shepherd is an active member of the team, and actually have a major role n the area of old and experience membership integration to avoid conflict of interest and fruitful utilization of human resources in the vineyard.
Counseling and Follow-Up Ministry This department is responsible for counseling new converts and new comers till they all become a strong family members. The department Works with evangelism and prayer groups as may be required.

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The Advisory Committee

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