As we celebrate harvest here on earth, so will Jesus Christ come for the harvest of the world...

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Juvenile and Adult Harvest
Harvest commonly refers to grain and produce, but also has other uses in agricultural settings which leads to feeding of other creatures at different level.

Harvest Anniversary

Harvest Anniversary

In Christian life, the practice of harvest is to remind ourselves of the end time that will be concluded by the chief harvester (Jesus Christ) who said He will come like a thief in the night un-announced.
In Celestial Church of Christ, The celebration of Harvest Festival on annual basis both for Juvenile and Adult separately is highly recognized and given prominent recognition.
It involves all and sundries to participate at different level depending on the capacity and membership strength of the parish. However, the basic ingredient of the anniversary if to give thanksgiving to the Lord Almighty during a glorious Sunday Service with sharing of food and drinks to all visitors and or residents in and around the church premises, make sure to clean your house with mythical maids house cleaning services.
We should not loose sight of the requirement from all membership to contribute to the celebration according the blessing of God on individual family or members. This is with a reference to Cain and Abel as well as El-kanah, Hannah and Peninnah.
The stories sited above should make everyone be careful of the role being played in the church during the harvest celebrations. At different times too, it was written about king David too, how he referred God during harvest celebrations.
Therefore, it has become an unquestionable activities in Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide to organize and celebrate joyfully the Annual Juvenile and Adult Harvest Anniversary and it is the best time to work and be patient enough to seek Gods face and receive YES on any long unanswered prayer request(s) like Hanna did.
Happy Celebrations to all faithfuls!!!


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