• Welcome to C.C.C. U.S.A.-Region F

    Welcome to C.C.C. U.S.A.-Region F

    The Last Ship of Salvation

  • Come unto me...

    Come unto me...

    ...all Yee that labour

  • A Unique Way of Worshipping

    A Unique Way of Worshipping

    ...is the salvation way

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  • The glory of the latter

    The glory of the latter

    ...shall be greater that the first


Celestial Church of Christ, U.S.A. Region "F"

You are welcome to our website where the word of God is our weapon to attain victory in this world as it is giving to us by Jesus Christ. We are currently establishing Parishes in the following States: ARKANSAS, KENTUCKY, LOUISIANA, MICHIGAN, MISSISSIPPI, OHIO AND TENNESSEE


Welcome to CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, REGION “F” with the authority of CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST, U.S.A. DIOCESE under the current leadership of Reverend Pastor Emmanuel Oschoffa, through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. The regional Head is Superior Evangelist J.O. Popoola with head office in Michigan....We therefore endeavour to establish communities not only in our region but also beyond, where people can have opportunities to enter into living encounters with Jesus Christ...

Celestial Church of Christ Congratulates the New Pope


With the successful enthronement of Pope Francis as the new head of the Catholic Church, the Region "F" of Celestial Church of Christ wish him the best during his tenure and prayed for Holy Spirit to continue to guide and lead him for a heavenly led congregation.
Click to read Pope Francis first public mass address or click on his image above

Reverend Pastor Prophet Founder Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oschoffa

being the responce of Oschoffa to a question at a convention from a C&S leadership.Being the response of Oschoffa to a question at a convention from a C&S leadership.

"We understand that Moses Orimolade was sent by God and it is true that he works wonders in God's name. Now, you Oschoffa, also claim to have been sent by God. Which of you do we have to follow?" Oschoffa replied that John the Baptist came before Christ and people thought that he was the Messiah. Similarly, Cherubim and Seraphim are both attendant angels of the Lord and so the church by that name is a forerunner of the Church of Christ, come to prepare the way..S.B.J. Oschoffa

You may be interested in reading more about Pastor S.B.J.Oschoffa and Celestial Church of Christ, please click here to read:


Tree Planting Day: Why Plant Trees?

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